Visitors of Ship
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A team of volunteers walk every morning, from Monday to Saturday, the docks of the Port of Barcelona, ​​visiting the boats and greeting their crews.
Apart from welcoming them to the port of Barcelona and taking an interest in what they may need, they offer the services of Stella Maris, as well as port and city information, news bulletins in different languages, maritime publications and religious material.

The visit to the ships is one of the fundamental tasks of the Apostleship of the Sea, because through them, you get in touch with the sailors who arrive at our port and you can try to offer them a warm welcome and the assistance or advice they need. .


In the afternoons, between 17 and 22 hours a shuttle service runs between the docks and Stella Maris for those sailors who wish it. This service allows sailors to come to our center and use our services.
From our center you can easily reach the city. Any sailor who wants to use the transport service can also ask for it by calling the Stella Maris telephone number (93 443 19 65) or the mobile phone of the van driver, Roman (649 825 618).

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