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Memory of The Apostleship of the Sea of ​​the year 2020

Report 2020

Memory of The Apostleship of the Sea of ​​the year 2019

Report 2019

We enclose the memory of The Apostleship of the Sea of ​​the year 2018

Memory of The Apostleship of the Sea of ​​the year 2018

I leave you the link of the Petrolio program of the Italian RAI channel, which was mentioned in the annual Stella Maris assembly, referring to maritime transport. (the link is very slow to open).


We enclose the memory of The Apostleship of the Sea of ​​the year 2014
Memòria Apostolat del Mar 2014.doc

AOS Barcelona 2014.pdf

Memoria 2014 Apostolado del Mar de Barcelona.doc

Hello everyone:
I am attached the last Bulletin of the International Sea Apostolate.

In it there is an article about a prize that the port of Tarragona granted to the Apostolate of the Sea of ​​said city and another article about the days of the apostolate of the sea of ​​Barcelona last November.




We enclose in Catalan, English and Spanish the Memory of Action of the Apostolate of the Sea in Barcelona

CAT memòria Apost. Mar 2013.pdf

ESP Memoria AM Barcelona 2013.pdf

UK AOS Barcelona report 2013.pdf

We have prepared the 117th bulletin of the Apostolatus Maris International
bol117-spa.pdf (size 4.1 Mb)

Triptych of “the National Assembly of the Apostolate of the Sea” that is celebrated in Huelva from the 23 to the 27 of October of 2013.
25 Asamblea Nacional del Apostolado del Mar.pdf

We enclose the memory of activities of Stella Maris Barcelona 2012
Memoria español 2012.pdf

Hereby we add the 2012 annual report of Stella Maris barcelonaReport 2012.pdf

We enclose the latest Bulletin published by Apostolatus Maris International in April 2013

We enclose the summary of the last conference celebrating Odessa of the International Christian Maritime Assotiation Association in July 2013
Odessa 2013 End Report.doc Conferencia Regional de Odessa.doc

Motu Proprio Spagnolo (Apostolic Letter Motu Proprio on the maritime apostolate)
Motuproprio spagnolo.doc

Evangelizing project of the Apostolate of the Sea
proyecto evangelizador del apostolado del mar.pdf

International Christian Maritime Ass 2011 at Hamburg


Recull de premsa de les Jornades i 2

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Survey to Seafarers

Survey to Seafarers

Dear Friend, I am Fr. Bruno Ciceri, the International Director of the Stella Maris Network, a Catholic welfare organization known also as Apostleship of the Sea. The Stella Maris organization